LEVIN COCO is a brand that makes products with silk-screen print on footage textiles, started by spouses Sanja Porubić Takacs and Robert Takacs.
Our products & fabrics is the product of quality and detailed handwork; it is manually printed and we use the same approach when it comes to mixing colors – also, it is important for us that the colors are water-based without toxic chemicals. During the whole process, we use organic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly substances.
For us, to love art is to love life in all its shapes and colors - and it is precisely life that gives us our daily inspiration. We have been blessed with a gift of noticing beautiful details in everything that surrounds us; the freshness of nature in all its moods, the tenderness of domestic and energetic spirits of wild animals, as well the warmth of an honest friend's shoulder. We take those fragile things our little universe is made of and carefully transfer it into our work, using the printing technique, calligraphy and typography, aspiring feel pride and satisfaction after each new work.